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Intensive Intervention

Youturn - Youth Support Services
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Prevention Program Referral

John Howard Society of Ottawa
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Region: OttawaRussell CountyRockland

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(List any siblings residing with the youth or requiring services, include contact information if different from above)

Parent/Guardian Information

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Father's Information

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Why is this youth at risk of involvement in gang activity?

Are there any safety issues that we should be aware of?

Are any members of the youth's family a member of a gang?

Does the youth have friends or acquaintances that are involved in gang activities?

Other agencies/services currently involved with the youth:

Agency #1

Agency #2

Agency #3

Has youth agreed to the referral? YesNo

Youth's reaction to the referral? PositiveTentativeNegative

Has family agreed to the referral? YesNo

Family's reaction to the referral? PositiveTentativeNegative

Is this Youth a Parent or actively parenting? YesNo

Describe reasons for referral:

Peer Relations
Substance Abuse
Antisocial Attitudes
Family Counselling
Managing Emotions
Problem Solving
Healthy Relationships
Alternative to Custody
Mental Health Challenges
Prevention: Group Programming

Other (Please Specify)

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