Our Guiding Principles

The following principles guide youturn’s delivery of its programs and services:

  • Youth will have access to a comprehensive array of services that address the youth’s physical, emotional, social and educational needs.
  •  Youth will receive individualized services in accordance with the unique needs and potentials of each youth and guided by an individualized service plan.
  • Service plans will be derived from comprehensive assessments of risk, needs, responsivity, and strengths which through research have been linked to success in the community.
  • Youth will receive supports necessary to remain in the community: out-of-home placements will be considered as a last resort.
  • The families and surrogate caregivers of youth will be full participants in all aspects of the planning and delivery of services.
  •  Youth will receive services that are integrated, with linkages between child-care and mental health care agencies for planning, developing, and coordinating services.
  • Youth will be ensured smooth transitions to the adult service system as they reach maturity.
  • Youth will receive services sensitive and responsive to cultural differences and special needs including race, religion, national origin, sex, physical disability or other characteristics.
  • Staff will be appropriately trained, supervised and monitored for adherence to evidence-based principles.
  • Programs and services will be continuously evaluated with providers assuming accountability for outcomes.