Intensive Support & Supervision Program


The Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP) is a clinically focused, community-based program.   It is designed to provide an alternative to custody for young persons who are found guilty of a criminal offence and who are diagnosed with a mental health disorder(s) or developmental delay, or both (dual diagnosis).

The ISSP is an individualized, comprehensive and integrated treatment program — with services and supports customized to address the youth’s specific mental health and/or developmental needs.

The program continues as a pilot and is accessed as a condition of a probation order.


The ISSP is offered in partnership with Bairn Croft Residential Services — and for youth who are older and no longer are able to live at home — the program partners with the John Howard Society (JHS) of Ottawa.

Our Clients

Our clients in the ISSP are male and female youth who have been found guilty of an offence and are serving a probation sentence under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).  These young persons would have been sentenced to custody, based on the nature of the offence—but were instead sentenced to probation because they were diagnosed with one or more psychiatric, mood or severe social anxiety disorders and/or development delays.

To be eligible for the ISSP, the young person must be able to function in the community or a living environment with the appropriate supports and supervision, without risk to themselves or others.  They must also voluntarily agree to be involved in the program, and to have contact with family members and other supports.

ISSP programming is available in all four geographic areas of the Eastern Ontario region.


Referrals to the ISSP are made by the youth’s Probation Officer.

How the ISSP Operates