How the ADS Program Operates

Participants pay a modest rent to live in an apartment in the ADS facility. (Rent is subsidized by the Ontario Works program).  Community Support Team (CST) are onsite to provide counselling for the young men in the program. Counsellors work closely with the young person’s probation or parole officer to develop programming that will meet the individual’s specific needs and/or conditions of a sentence.

Considerable attention is paid to developing the client’s life skills, vocational skills and education upgrading. Services may focus on résumé writing, job search and interviewing skills, budgeting, healthy sexuality and other tools for independent living.

All the programming is designed to help the youth build on their strengths, acquire skills that support pro-social behaviour and develop the ability to successfully reintegrate into the community.

The average length of stay in the program is 12 months.  After their stay, the young men are provided with formal and informal supports as warranted.