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Research and Evaluation

Supporting Families – Siblings At Risk Final Project Pilot

This project was funded through Crime Prevention Ottawa and looks at the work undertaken by a group of partner organisations associated with the Ottawa Gang Strategy. The project worked with families of gang members. The report details what was learned along the way.

Supporting Families Pilot – Final Evaluation Report

This research report presents the findings from both the process and outcome components of the evaluation of this pilot.
Support Families was a collaborative gang prevention project piloted in Ottawa by a consortium of local service providers.

Turning it Around: A Program Evaluation of the Community Support Team Diversion Program

In 2016, a group of graduate students from the School of Social Work at Carleton University looked at whether the community-based counselling programs at youturn reduce the behavioral risks associated with recidivism.

In addition to the report the findings are summarized here.

Breaking the Cycle Building Hope, Project S.T.E.P.  results report for non-mainstream school settings

In 2012 youturn (then Eastern Ontario Youth Justice Agency – EOYJA) participated in an evaluation of the impact of mental health and addictions counselling with students attending non-mainstream school settings.  The evaluation, funded through Project STEP ( and the United Way Ottawa examined the impact of Project STEP supported mental health/addictions counsellors working within non-mainstream school settings. Although youturn does not have funding for a dedicated mental health/addictions counsellor, the agency was invited to participate in the evaluation which measured the impact of counselling on drug and alcohol abuse, living conditions and educational performance.  The report, titled “Breaking the Cycle Building Hope” validated the work being done with this very challenging population.

Working with Extremes: Meeting the Needs of Justice Involved Parenting Youth

This research report explores the needs of parenting youth involved in the justice system. Funded by the Justice Department, youth justice and strategic initiatives section, the report explored the agency’s pilot program providing targeted Community Support Team services to a population of young parents involved with the criminal justice system.  This program’s goal was to reduce future recidivism of the parents while building on the engagement developed with these youth to improve their parenting abilities. The author completed an analysis of formal assessment data, consulted with case workers and reviewed relevant literature.  In addition to the report, the findings can be accessed here: