Strategic Plan (2017-2020)

Professionalism & Respect – Committed to the highest standards of professionalism and mutual respect in our interactions with the youth we support, their families, and the community partners who have placed their trust in our services.

Acceptance & Flexibility – Resolved to embrace diversity, nurture an environment of inclusiveness and acceptance for all and champion, encourage and support innovative approaches to person-centred service delivery.

Teamwork – Value the skill sets and individual contributions of our staff. We support their advancement, in an atmosphere of collaboration, for the benefit of our youth and their families.

Cultural Competence – Committed to providing services that are responsive to the cultural, racial and ethnic differences of our youth, staff and community partners.

Integrity – Committed to honesty and transparency and working to ensure trust by taking responsibility for our words and actions.

Programs & Services

  1. Create Partnerships with Community Health Teams
    • Facilitate improved access to, and continuity of, primary care services;
    • Address physical health, addictions and mental health needs;
    • Provide training re working with this population.
  2. Develop Training Services
    • Leverage youturn’s leadership role in service delivery;
    • Develop a “Centre of Expertise” re Collaborative Problem-Solving (CPS) and Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT);
    • Develop “in-house” subject matter experts – certified practitioners and trainers.
  3. Expand Programs and Services
    • Provide services and support for victims and offenders of Human Trafficking ;
    • Expand services for Transitional Aged Youth (16-21 years old);
    • Increase visibility through partnerships and services in the counties.
  4. Advocate for the establishment of French Language Educational Services
    • Advocate for the establishment of a French Language program, funded under the Educational Programs for Pupils in Government Approved Care and or Treatment, Custody and Correctional Facilities.

Organizational Capacity

  1. Develop New Funding Sources
    • Access funding for non-government funded operational requirements and programs;
    • Explore the benefits of creating a foundation;
    • Examine potential for new partnerships;
    • Engage a media champion;
    • Implement communications strategy to support fundraising.
  2. Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainability
    • Explore partnerships with other agencies;
    • Clarify Board succession planning and strengthen orientation process for new Board members;
    • Facilitate professional developmental opportunities for staff;
    • Continue to strengthen communication strategies.
  3. Increase Cultural and Linguistic Diversity of Staff
    • Improve capacity to serve youth and families from diverse communities.