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Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS)
Parent Group Therapy

CPS is an evidenced based approach used by families, schools, clinicians etc. as a means of addressing the challenging behaviours presented to us by our youth. The model adheres to the motto of “Kids Do Well If They Can”, which comes from the belief that kids are not choosing to misbehave, but rather are lacking the skills necessary to behave. CPS teaches us to identify and teach these “lagging skills” using collaboratively mutual discussion (Plan B’s).

Youturn is pleased to be able to offer Collaborative Problem Solving Parent Group Therapy. This 8 session program is run by two highly trained facilitators who have completed the requirements to become Certified Professionals in CPS.

Parent Group Therapy is based exclusively on Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) and is designed to provide parents with a sound understanding of the model, as well as practical knowledge of how to use the model in their homes on a day to day basis with respect to parenting. The sessions are approximately 90 minutes long, and include material for parents to review between sessions.

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